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3 Hive Guard join the ranks, progress has slowed, but things are still getting finished.

I have slowed a little on the painting front. I've been racing the bike again on the weekends and training for Gridiron season during the week so I haven't been ticking off as much as I would have liked lately. I took a day out today though and painted the 3 hive guard you can see in the back. It puts me at 750pts completed so far as I run them in the game, not bad for a few months and probably enough to keep up with an escalation league format. I'm going to paint a few more guys from the Infinity Aleph Steel Phalanx to get me up to 300pts for that system and make sure the paint jobs are consistent between them then flick back over to painting the 'nids again and try to push for 1k by the end of August.

Infinity - Hephaestus Scenery Pack + District 5 Objective Room

I did a bit of terrain painting today which was kinda fun! It was the simple MAS District 5 Objective Room, something we will need for gaming in the near future (As I get more of a handle on playing again and we start with the ITS missions). I didn't do the most time consuming job on it but I am still pretty chuffed with the results.

A couple of weeks back I gave the 4x4 Moto.Tronica table to my friend Dan who hosts our fortnightly gaming night, and ordered 4x sets of the new Hephaestus card stock terrain to match my Aleph dudes. The objective room was painted up to be a similar aesthetic to the containers included in the pack with a Blue/Black fade and bold line highlighting on these areas. The grey has a diagonal fade between light and a darker shade across the panels and I will paint in some of the floor detail with a brush to match the Hephaestus game mat aesthetic (purple text etc). The design on this one is not quite as good as the Moto.Tronica set, some of the layers appear…