Titanicus - Legio Vulpa Warhounds WIP

Ayo,Put a pin in the painting of the Warlord and Reavers to get these two built up so I can catch them up to the batch before I got too far ahead.There's a dude on Instagram called the Polysmith, I don't know if they blog or not but the converted 28mm Warhound they did just Knicks the posing right out of the park, it's by far the best Titan I've seen pose wise.I took heavy inspiration for the converted AT Warhound I've done from their works, it required cutting both legs into three sections, compressing one as much as possible and extending the other out to pretty well straight. I had to rebuild the pistons front and rear on the extended leg which leads into the feet, they were also pretty extensively modified, I drilled the pins out of each of the toes, trimmed them back and reposed them on a new pin made from styrene rod. I then remade the toe pistons with more styrene and some thin wire.I'm stoked on the pose, it really looks like it's on the go and whil…

Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Vulpa Warlord and Reavers WIP³

Ahoy,I knocked out the purple panels for these 3 guys last night, next up will be the bone white trim and some chassis detailing with the airbrush before I start to pick out highlights and hit it with some oils.

Titanicus Legio Vulpa - Browntown

Yo,I pushed the contrast on the 'Rust' coloured armour plating further with a modulated orange pass to get it where I wanted it. The scheme on the wiki says rust panels with a bone coloured trim but I've seen a model at the open day where they did purple contrast panels and it looked alright. Their whole scheme had a cobwebbing kinda look to it, I'm not keen on it over all but I've decided I'll do the steel wool marbling technique under the purple (grey scale with a clear purple top coat) so it kinda lines up if they go that way with the book art.Progress!Jackie

Titanicus - Further WIPs


Titanicus, Yew! Basing and planning.

Yo! I saw some awesome Epic scale 30k era vehicles and it took me a while to track some down through a friend of a friend of a friend kinda thing, now everything's in the one place and I've got a bit of mojo it's time to go (I've had all these kits built since their releases).

Horus Heresy Event Pics - Skulls October 2018

Hey my dudes,

I played at our bi-anually held 'Skulls' Heresy event on the weekend, I didn't get a whole heap of pictures as I always seemed to go full time in my games while we rolled dice and had a good fun bit of banter. It was the most low key iteration of this event I've been to so far, players were largely allowed to choose their game style, points level and table theme and just get after it each round.

I ended up playing a great 1500pt opening game against one of the young bloods, Pat. He was running Iron Hands and the scenario basically had my forces ambushed and deployed in a random fashion with a D6 sending them to one of six 24" squares. I managed to intercept a few things at the right time to give me some breathing room but I had a really hard time hurting his troops and walkers with the -1 to the shooting strength of my weapons. I ended up running away with the victory though in the end, having so many troops who were able to capture the objectives on…

Volkite Caliver Support Squad

Howdy,I've magnetised some Volikites up for this infantry squad to replace standard bolters, man I love the look of these guns.
I've got a Heresy event in a few days so I figured I'd get a few options finished.Cheers!Jackie