Working on a Modified Deredeo - Base Colour WIPs

Ayo,Got myself a Deredeo a few months back (pre price gouge) and I've seen a few people do the leggy blonde mods with the IG Sentinal leg pieces, so I gave that a nudge and while I was cutting and fitting stuff I flipped the battery packs up on the lascannons to give it more of a Madcat/Catapult Mechwarrior look and ditched the external cable routing.I'm part way into the painting now, I've got my base colours down and sealed it, I've just started adding some decals now and I'll seal it again before hitting it with the oils and chipping.Yew!

30K Centurion Battle Pics

Hey gang,

Got to throw down against my boy Jake on Sunday, hosted at one of the local Heresy dudes bars before he opened for the evening. It was cool as shit for Luke to get us in there and make us a few drinks while we rolled dice and talked some shit.

Jake brought 1500pts of World Eaters using the 'Mournival Events' Veteran Company right of war. I brought my Death Guard using The Reaping so the Heavy Bolter Squad counted as troops and everyone had rad grenades.

I got first turn and kinda pushed the action pressing everyone forward, our aim was to kill as much of eachothers infantry as possible and we both wanted a blood bath. The first turn overall was a bit of a wash, the following turns though we're bulk carnage, after losing my HQ and Terminators in turn 2 (Killing his Contemptor) and my Assault Marines in 3 (To wipe his Herald and Vets) I started having to backup and fire with everything else as a lot of the punch had gone.

The game ended on the top of turn 5 with me…

Legion Death Guard Group Shot

G'day g'day,So the only thing I don't have put out is the Typhon Siege Tank, Lord of War option but mostly just a display piece as I'm trying to stick to 'The Boys' for now.It's been a real tough slog getting back to this point, painting batches, painting gaming armies actually kinda bums me out in a big way. I'd rather just paint up things that interest me as a hobby but the grind for infantry is kinda done now so anything else I add might be a bit of fun.Yeehawwww!Jackie

Death Guard Legion Heavy Support

Hiya!Up next we've got the Magnificent 7. A bunch of Calth MkIV boyos with Quickdraw Heavy Bolters. With the new changes to Augury Scanners these dudes got a whole lot more deadly, snapping to intercept enemy reserves up to 36" away.I didn't do much customising on these either, pretty much straight out of the box save for the sergeants dome piece.I really like these dudes and I love hammering shells down range and seeing what sticks.Thanks for checking in,Jackie

Death Guard Legion Praetor Conversion

GdayLook at this tubby little bitch.. haha.I took the new goony looking Plague Marine Champion model, cut away all the cartoony stuff and was left with a mildly bloated MkIII character. I then ended up filling most of the corrosion holes in the armour, added MkIII plastics arms weapons and head as well as the lower half of a MkIII backpack to attempt to backdate him 10000 years.I really like this guy, he has good flavour I reckon and stands out from the crowd of normal Legionaries to lead from the front.Yeeeee!Jackie

Death Guard Legion Terminator Squad

Yo!Today I have a little 5 man Cataphractii squad to present for your viewing pleasure.These guys are pretty straight forward, there wasn't any modification beyond the addition of the Power Scythe and I'm quite happy with how they turned out. I really love this plastic kit, they look big, powerful and violent especially compared to the regular MkIII/IV/V Marines.Thanks for checking in!Jackie

Death Guard Legion Assault Marines

Holla!I've got some MkV clad Assault Marines to show today, these guys are the latest unit I've finished for the force and I'm pretty stoked.They ended up pretty gore soaked but it was intentional, I wanted to represent what I thought units that were actually carving through live meat with chain saws would look like so they got hit with the Tamiya Clear Red + Black mix pretty hard.Yewwwww pro-murderers!Cheers guysJackie