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Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Vulpa Maniple Pics

G'day g'day,

I've been slowly chipping away at some more Titans and I'm starting to get a decent Maniple of engines on the go now so I thought it was a good time to update the blog!

Thanks for checking in,

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Fully Painted Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report - My Mini Report Comic Book Style

Hey gang,

Heres a comic style Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report from a game I played the other day. 1500pts, fully painted Axiom Maniples from Legio Tempestus (My mate Marcus) and my my Legio Vulpa and House Makabius.
I'm not sure how it's gonna turn out format wise as a post but I'll throw it up and see what happens, allegedly this prints to A4!



Engines Of War - Legio Vulpa And House Makabius Unite.

I got a couple more pieces done for Adeptus Titanicus over the weekend, 3 Cerastus Knights and the Warhound Titan [CANIS CALIDUS] join the stuff I posted up the other day.

I'm now in a wormhole of ivory trimming now though as I get the panels ready on 2x Reaver Titans, 1x Warlord Titan and the second Warhound Titan to match this one up.

Vibing how it's coming along though. You working on some Titans? Let me know so I can come get hype on your blog.


Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Vulpa and House Makabius


Ive got some finished pics of my Warlord Titan, Nuntio Dolores, based off the featured titan in the Black Library Novel, Titandeath, released earlier this year. I actually finished it a couple of months ago but I forgot to upload photographs here.. I've also just put the finishing touches on a Questoris Knight banner from House Makabius (Same as my 28mm house) to join the big fella.


The last pics are a little rough, I've just recently moved to Alice Springs in the centre of Australia from Perth on the west coast. We drove across the Nullarbor with everything we could bring in our SUV with a Trailer and I was limited pretty heavily with what I could bring along so my lighting, work space and back drop are all a little WIP!

I've not really done any hobby in a couple months since selling the Death Guard, these three Knights are kicking it back into gear though and I'm pretty jazzed for it.

The podcast I've been doing has still been trucking away and we're…

It seems I have a Horus Heresy Podcast?!

Hey gang,
I've neglected the blog a bit lately but I've been doing a podcast called 'Echoes From The Wasteland' with a mate as well as a bunch of painting that I need to post up. 
It's a very casual setup, it's pretty well all Horus Heresy 30k gaming and Adeptus Titanicus talk.
It's available on all podcast platforms as far as I can tell and we have a Facebook page setup too. It's been fun to get it all figured out anyway and have something online that showcases a bit of what we have on locally.

Titanicus - Legio Vulpa Warhounds WIP

Ayo,Put a pin in the painting of the Warlord and Reavers to get these two built up so I can catch them up to the batch before I got too far ahead.There's a dude on Instagram called the Polysmith, I don't know if they blog or not but the converted 28mm Warhound they did just Knicks the posing right out of the park, it's by far the best Titan I've seen pose wise.I took heavy inspiration for the converted AT Warhound I've done from their works, it required cutting both legs into three sections, compressing one as much as possible and extending the other out to pretty well straight. I had to rebuild the pistons front and rear on the extended leg which leads into the feet, they were also pretty extensively modified, I drilled the pins out of each of the toes, trimmed them back and reposed them on a new pin made from styrene rod. I then remade the toe pistons with more styrene and some thin wire.I'm stoked on the pose, it really looks like it's on the go and whil…

Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Vulpa Warlord and Reavers WIP³

Ahoy,I knocked out the purple panels for these 3 guys last night, next up will be the bone white trim and some chassis detailing with the airbrush before I start to pick out highlights and hit it with some oils.