Calth Contemptor - Quick Repose

Chopped this contemptor up in a few spots, drilled sockets and added ball joints, added real feet, made a chain fist, just generally tried to make it look like it was on a battlefield and moving, not just in a storage rack in the bowels of a ship.

Was just a quick hack and slash job, I want to get it on the table for the weekend. If I had a bit more time I would cut and bend one of the legs and rebuild the knee. But not back for a quick project aye.

Heresy Era Death Guard Lascannon Squads Completed

I pulled my finger out and started painting some of the Death Guard infantry I showed earlier on the blog. I started with the more difficult to paint and assemble Heavy Support squads, with Lascannons (the local meta is staunch as shit, lots of Av14, super heavies and drop podding Leviathans). 
I have been running 7 and 7 man squads in test games but if I have more points available in larger games I will do 10 and 5 to make sure I can bully high value targets with the big squad and plug away at dreadnoughts and the like with the smaller one.
25 Tacticals to do next, then I'll paint the Castigator for myself as a treat.

Cheers Jack

Acastus Porphyrion and Atrapos couples photo.

3 Months apart between painting the Porphyrion and the Atrapos, got them to match pretty well. Lucky I took a few notes and a bunch of WIP's for myself to follow. Got a Castigator on the bench now who will join these guys in the next week or two.

House Makabius Knight Atrapos Completed Pictures

Yew! Just finished another knight, I think it came up pretty well, I tried to get it to match my Acastus as close as possible but it's been a few months so it's not exact. Still though, pretty happy with the matchy matchy. I also took a bunch of WIP's and kept meaning to post but I never got around to it, was too excited to finish.

Some new semi-DIY terrain for my table finished.

In my new series, EAT FOOD MAKE STUFF, I built some new things!
I find the GW kits work best when you chop them up and add them to other things, like a Milo tin or a 710ml can of 'V' for example, it's also a lot better at LoS blocking too as most GW kits are pretty easy to see through. So yeah, knocked these two bits up and a couple little hill type things. 

I also got my BB team out of the foam and put them in the display case, pretty happy how these guys came out. Speaking of, I started a Dwarf team too tonight. I love the armour and most of the poses are pretty dynamic compared to the humans, orks and even skaven.

Back to regular programming - 30k/Heresy-era Death Guard Project


So last night I kicked off my return to having an army again by painting my new project, Death Guard! I went for a black-brown-buff-buff:white layering to all of this stuff shown, it's got some good depth but needs a bit more shading to really pop. The green is actually the same first two layers as my SoH were but it also incorporates a little black. The infantry will have green centred shoulder pads with metallic trim and have bone coloured helmets.

I've built one unit as 15 Tactical Marines with the option of a fist or a chainsword on the Sergeant. There is a 10 man unit of Vets with 4 combiplas and a thunder hammer who can also double as standard Tacs via magnets. I have 2 units of 7 Heavy Support squads with Lascannons, I actually have 15 models painted so I can go 10 and 5 if I want to as well.

The Leviathan is sporting only the Storm Cannon in the pics but I've bought a drill for him and that should be on the way soon. Also in the post, a Malcador with the Batt…

Blood Bowl - Forge World's Grak Ogre

Haven't painted his little mate, or the pig leg for his hip yet but the big lad is done for a game tonight and will join my Human Team as their Ogre.