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Forge World's The Mighty Zug Completed Pics

You better be quick off the snap son, or Zug will have you and your QB.

WIP Forge World's New The Mighty Zug

I have to say, this is the nicest model I've ever painted, the detail and the proportions are incredibly well done. I'm being really careful not to stuff it up, here's an early WIP, almost got the skin sorted, pants are done, everything else needs work. Armour plates will be candy red like my Human team in the previous post.


Blood Bowl 2015 Human Team Completed


Finished my boys from the core set today, it's taken me a little while, I'm not used to painting human sized models, normally post-humans, tanks, monsterous creatures and even superheavies these days so I had to go back and forth a lot trying to get them right.

Acastus Knight Porphyrion COMPLETED!!!!!

Acacstus Knight Porhpyrion, easily the biggest and most complex kit build and paint job I have ever done for a gaming miniature. I'm really happy with the result but the 60 hrs I spent on getting it finished kinda baked my noodle. I have no idea how the titan painters get through it! Anyway here are some studio shots, let me know what you think!

Acastus Knight Porphyrion Final WIP And Battle Pics.

So I didn't get it finished today, turns out the guns were actually quite a big job and I'm still not finished on them..! 
I've got some weathering to add on them and a little tidy up work on the model itself, but this is pretty much it done below now. 
I took it out for a game tonight against my mate Rhyan's World Eaters who were supported by a Warhound Titan at 3.5k and the Acastus went alright. It definitely didn't collapse the game as the internet feared, it will make an excellent elite infantry killer but against armour it's as good as the next thing really (especially a single target, a Vindi Laser Destroyer is almost as good. A Venator is arguably better). 
It's so cool though as a model and it's fkn massive! I can't wait to get some more battles in with it in the future. For a champagne over the bow style commissioning, 22 World Eater Inducted marines were vaporised and a Warhound was scrapped by it's main guns, but only by dealing 4 hu…

Acastus Porphyrion Knight WIP Photos To Date - Nearly Finished!!

I'm so close to victory now I can taste it! This model is huge, it's been an absolute monster to paint. The sheer amount of armour panels is astounding and I wouldn't be surprised to see it have the same number of components as a Warlord or something! Anyway, the guns are all I have left to do now, follow the pictures below for a visual journey picking up where I last left off.