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Hive Fleet Behemoth Lictor

I didn't have a lot of time this week so I just punched out this Lictor pretty quickly.. Dude's a murderer so I kinda wanted him to be coated in gore, I'll try and acquire some bitz to add a body in the future as well but at the moment all I have is Tyranid stuff. The tree is actually pretty shit hot, the other pics were slightly out of focus so I will try and show it again at some point in the future. 

Hive Fleet Behemoth Carnifex x2 Finished.

Dakkafex Smash bros!

I've had one painted for ages, it was actually the first Tyranid I painted and added to it today with another, both are rescue nids from bad homes and they took some work to get into good poses. Being rescue nids that were already painted, a little bit of details was lost in spots where I was painting over paint for the second time.

Unfortunately when I was applying the sealant to the latest one though after finishing it, it somehow managed to shrink the carapace paint as it dried and rip some tiny fissures showing the red base coat. It's not ideal but it doesn't really look terrible either, he has the more beat up carapace anyway so it could visually count towards more battle damage.

I'm pretty happy, it's nice that the pair is complete now. That puts me at a progress pic, my nids look really washed out on my desk and the only large dark cloth we had was a dark blue towel which makes the photo look a bit funny, but, checkit ~1360pts as would b…

Hive Fleet Behemoth Tyrannocyte

Still waiting on some magnets to attach the guns to the top end of this guy but he is as good as done really. I hate the symmetry of this model a lot but I love the way it works in-game. I think the next one I get I will make an effort to convert the tentacles a bit more and maybe do an open version of it like the Sporocyst.

I had a game with the nid's against DC's Necrons last night and the new blue carapace looks mint on the table. It was an 1850pt game and I thoroughly got my face punched in, we called it on turn 5 with my forces reduced to the Crone, a Warrior squad, 2 Hive Guard and a lonely Hormagaunt while he still had probably 10 units on the table (All at reduced strength) and almost all the objectives secured.

I really like the Tyrannocyte for being able to speed up the nid's MC's and it's really nice to put a T-fex in the back field of your opponents force and the venom cannons are a really nice bonus.

Hive Fleet Behemoth Hive Crone

I'm pretty happy with how the pearl blue carapace is looking on the nids and this completed Hive Crone would have to be one of my favourite models from the range. I wasn't sure I could pull it off consistently as the Mr. Crystal Colour Lacquer is a hard to apply but I'm 3 models down now (Tyrant, Tyrannocyte and this guy) and it's going quite well. I went with the Harpy head and tried to infer with the green goop that he vom's the template, I hate the mouth gun component of the head from the harpy as it looks like it is choking on an icecream cone.

Tomorrow I will spend the day bringing the rest of the guys up to scratch with the new blue effect which will see me with a completely painted 1250pts. I'm actually really stoked on that, it doesn't seem like a huge achievement but if the Red Scorpions were anything to go by, the first 2k took forever to get done and then everything after that seemed to fly by.

Anyway, thoughts?


Finished a my Flyrant, pics and banter.

Ermahgerd, I've managed to finally paint another nid model after getting some mojo back for the hobby via painting that Roboute Guilliman model for my mate Wozz.

I've mixed things up a bit and used Mr. Colour pearlescent blue on the carapace and I'm pretty happy with how it has come out. It's translucent save for the kinda metallic blue pigment and looks pretty flashy (I think) over the black base coat and blue line highlighting.

The rest of the model was done as per the rest of the army which I am now going to go and backdate with the new carapace design.

I think up next will be the Tyrannocyte drop pod for something different. I'm going to start trying to tick off 250pts a month again until I can get the force up to 1850 for a tourney.

Anyway enough yab, pics: