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More Infinity Paint Progress - Aleph ASS - Eudoros, Evo Probot and Thorakitai added.


Still a bit burnt out on painting bugs for a little bit so I have continued the expedition into painting the Steel Phalanx boxed set I have been sitting on since it's release. I got Eudoros, the converted Prambot and the Thorakitai with LML all finished up today and am pretty happy with how the mostly wash painting over base coat is coming along. What I'm not stoked on is the basing, I love the bases dont get me wrong, but I think I want to follow the trend and get them on some hi-tech looking discs that match the aesthetic and save these completed bases for something a bit more primitive like Ariadna. Having the stepped base did give me the chance to remove the 'tactical rock' under Eudoros foot, win!

Of what I did the base coat on, I have one Netrod and the other two Thorakitai to go from the starter, then I want to get some games in for the first time in N3 (I haven't actually played since before Paradiso was released), before adding some cool stuff like …

Infinity - Aleph - Steel Phalanx - 2 Finished models from the starter and a Netrod.

I haven't made a lot of progress on the Tyranids over the last couple of weeks, I've had a bit of a lack of motivation after pushing to finish a bunch of Termagants and I've gotten stuck on the Hive guard for now so I have decided to take a break and finally paint some Infinity models that I have been sitting on since they were released. 
These were pretty easy paint jobs, I primed them black, did a tan/bone zenithal base coat, hit them with some boltgun metal to break up the white before finishing the models with 5 different washes and doing some pure white highlights..These three were about 5 hours total, which is a really short timeframe for me. Particularly nice as I've messed up my dominant hand in a scrap the other week so I'm struggling with holding the brush at the moment. The struggle is real, yikes!
Should have the other four guys finished soon for my 150pt list so I can get playing again. I love the 40k universe but the game of Infinity is next level, i…

Made a light box, some better pics of the growing Tyranid swarm?

These kinda turned out ok, they have to be a little dark as the models themselves are quite dark but I still need to figure out the colour balance a bit better so I can get the red to pop without turning the rest of the model into a neon disaster. Also excuse the photo of the gants, must have bumped the camera. So everything I have painted now is done, I'm working on Hive Guard now, the new kit is really slick!

The Tuesday Update: Hive Fleet Behemoth Tervigon and Tyranid Warriors plus an updated group shot.

I can only really paint one, maybe two days a week if I am lucky so progress is quite slow. I pulled a big day last week though and was really happy with how the Warriors came out, I added some red blood splatter to these cats as they are often at the front of the swarm ploughing into the enemy lines trying to help (often, futile efforts).

I've taken a couple of more detailed pics of the Tervigon and the Tyranid Warriors and this weeks painting effort was centred around 10 new Termagants who are near(ish) completion, with the line highlight, blue wash of the carapace then gloss coating it, OSL type eyes and a few little details remaining to finish the models.

I am going to do a mad day of basing all these guys soon actually, I just really don't enjoy that as much as painting the models themselves so I would prefer to do it all in a big block.