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Some new semi-DIY terrain for my table finished.

In my new series, EAT FOOD MAKE STUFF, I built some new things!
I find the GW kits work best when you chop them up and add them to other things, like a Milo tin or a 710ml can of 'V' for example, it's also a lot better at LoS blocking too as most GW kits are pretty easy to see through. So yeah, knocked these two bits up and a couple little hill type things. 

I also got my BB team out of the foam and put them in the display case, pretty happy how these guys came out. Speaking of, I started a Dwarf team too tonight. I love the armour and most of the poses are pretty dynamic compared to the humans, orks and even skaven.

Back to regular programming - 30k/Heresy-era Death Guard Project


So last night I kicked off my return to having an army again by painting my new project, Death Guard! I went for a black-brown-buff-buff:white layering to all of this stuff shown, it's got some good depth but needs a bit more shading to really pop. The green is actually the same first two layers as my SoH were but it also incorporates a little black. The infantry will have green centred shoulder pads with metallic trim and have bone coloured helmets.

I've built one unit as 15 Tactical Marines with the option of a fist or a chainsword on the Sergeant. There is a 10 man unit of Vets with 4 combiplas and a thunder hammer who can also double as standard Tacs via magnets. I have 2 units of 7 Heavy Support squads with Lascannons, I actually have 15 models painted so I can go 10 and 5 if I want to as well.

The Leviathan is sporting only the Storm Cannon in the pics but I've bought a drill for him and that should be on the way soon. Also in the post, a Malcador with the Batt…

Blood Bowl - Forge World's Grak Ogre

Haven't painted his little mate, or the pig leg for his hip yet but the big lad is done for a game tonight and will join my Human Team as their Ogre.