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30k Pseudo Battle Report - 2500pts - SoH v Sal

My local scene had a 30k tournament on the weekend, the Outpost 6030 Skulls - Galaxy in Flames. We were divided amongst loyalists and traitors for the event, the points level was set at 2500 using an age of darkness force org (or whatever wizardry the mechanics can get). 
My first opponent was Chris, he was rocking some Sallies and we had been having a bit of back and forth banter/trash talk before the event and the TO Jacob was good enough to line us up for a smash first round.
He had something like this maybe: Praetor, Paragon Blade, Drake thing (eternal warrior), Storm Shield Primus Medicae, TH/SS 5 Firedrakes, TH/SS Spartan with AC 20 Tacticals, Sergeant with Artificer, Combi-plas and a Meltabomb 10 Tacticals, Sergeant with Combi-plas, Extra CCW, Rhino Vindicator Deredeo with the Autocannons and a Missile Rack Pred with a Heavy Conversion Beamer 5 Pyroclasts, Sergeant with a Fist, Meltabombs Rolling in a Proteus with AC
He had one of the legion specific RoW's but I can't …

2850pts Sons of Horus done and ready to rumble

We've got a 2500pt 30k event here in Perth, Wasteland Australia, tomorrow, a couple of these bodies are sitting it out to come back down to the points but I'm really pleased to see it all together on the table, done at last!

I had to paint up 3 more Justaerin (powerfists on the left), so the two with twin lightning claws could sit out (terrible load out), not a big grind after finishing Maloghurst the other day but it did take me a while to get through them. I also painted 10 of the FW meltabombs (the good small ones), magnetised them and attached them to the Veteran Tacticals so I'm full WYSIWYG and DTF.

I'm taking my camera tomorrow and hope to be able to get some cool battle shots against the other painted armies in our local scene but being immersed in the game and having a good time is a bit more important to me than posing shit up for pics so we'll see how it goes.

Otherwise, bit of a hobby break after this so the blog might go quiet for a month or something, m…

Completed Maloghurst Conversion and Painting, and a Claw for my Dreadnought

Did up a little kitbash of old mate Maloghurst for an event on the weekend, I will use him as a Herald alternatively. I didn't go too heavy on the chipping or weathering as he isn't a front line unit, in games he actually never gets out of the Spartan as long as it's in one piece so he's still pretty fresh.

I also did up a claw for my Contemptor with a grav gun on the inside, I generally run this guy as a Cortus in games to get his points down to 165 and the benefits can be pretty handy!

Sons of Horus - 2 Javelin Attack Speeders Completed.

These are unreal in the game but were such a pain in the ass to build and paint!

Pretty happy with how they came out and the level of matchy-matchy between them, I actually painted one first then the other as the batch painting cooked me.

Thanks to you dudes who've been throwing me some comments, I've gotta get back to y'all but our internet has been krapping out at home and my phone hates blogger for some reason so my comments disappear when I post them. Cheers for the love though.

Sons of Walrus, heaps better photos on a white background! Oh, and offering commissioning now.


I've been asked a few times about doing some commission work for people and I thought, shit, why the hell not! So I've started up this site: I've been fixing work for people for a bit now from some other commission painters and I know I can offer a better service than that. I'm working part time until the end of the year too now so I will have a bit of time up my sleeve to smash work out for clients. I'm going to update the blog section of that in tandem with this, using that page as more of a gallery of what I can do with miniatures and terrain.

Also, ventured out into the big brave world of white backgrounds for that GW spec floating model look and I think it actually shows off my work on the dark green bodies of the SoH a lot better than the black backdrops did!

HFB Tyranids heading to eBay. Link to the auction and some final pics.

My variant Hive Fleet Behemoth army is heading to eBay!

Trying to make way for some more 30k, not playing 40k at all anymore as most of the dudes I game with have transitioned back to Heresy era dude-on-dude marinefests. Got it up for 70% of the Aussie RRP at the moment, hopefully it breaks even at least.

The disposability of this hobby and all of the millions of dollars of grey plastic that gets bought for full price and sold for dirt bums me out massively, all the codex creep and presale hype kills the value  insanely if you're not selling the latest and greatest power combo for some tournament retard to slam his meta with.

Wish me luck!