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Shoutout - The 30k Channel on Youtube

Hey dudes, I just wanted to link to The 30k Channel on YouTube: and on Facebook:

It's really weird but if you do a search for them in google looking for their YouTube page it doesn't come up with anything so I thought I would do this in an attempt to improve their SEO a bit and give a shoutout to their operation.

I really like the three battle reports they have put out so far, the style of gaming and banter they have is akin to my group (though a little cleaner language), the production is fantastic, the armies the 6 guys featured bring all look great, the tables look amazing and the games are played pretty well.

I haven't found a series of 30k batreps that didn't make me cringe eventually and tap out but I feel these guys have nailed it. I also like the third guy as a cameraman and narrator a lot when it happens.

The biggest cringe I would have to say when …

Showcase: Sons of Horus Spartan Assault Tank

Finished this rig tonight! I went all in again on a bunch of techniques and tried to replicate a few things from Mig Jimenez' books FAQ and FAQ2. Had a bit of a malfunction with the pigment splatter going white when I put the protective clearcoat on the model but fixed that up I think with a bit of extra airbrushing.

Really happy, I'm not sure how the mud splatter will hold up long term with gaming but I sealed it pretty thoroughly so it should be right. 

So at a conservative 2100pts now, next stop terrain! Will get to 2500 after I finish a few terrain pieces I have been working on.
Cheers Jack

SoH - 1800pt Army Progress Shot.

I did a bit of a consolidation of bits and kits and worked out I have about 6000pts for the Sons of Horus available including a Lucius Warhound. I'm getting through it pretty quickly now but also trying to build some components for a gaming table at the same time which is kinda holding me up a little bit.

I'm currently working on Abaddon with some extra arms to use him as a generic Praetor, 3 more Justaerin and a Spartan so I can run a little 1st Company Deathstar.

After that will come the 3 gun Quad Mortar team, a Legion Rhino with a pintle MM for the Vets and a pair of Javelins with CML's and pintle MM's.

After that again will be the pair of Vindicator Laser Destroyers and at that point I might treat myself and do up the Warhound and enter the titan club.

Some pics of the SoH-ifying of the Spartan:

Thanks as always for checking out my work, I appreciate the compliments and feedback you dudes have been giving me on the army and my hobby stuff.


Showcase: Sons of Horus Leviathan Dreadnought - Yew!


Sons of Horus Dreadnought Drop Pod Showcase - Bit of custom work.

Hey dudes,

Not really been so stoked about a dedicated transport before, but this is a huge kit! I did a bit of custom stuff with the chains, skulls and icons, shaved off the aquillas on the doors and added some of my angle-studs to the doors.

The paint job is actually something I am kinda proud of, it's the first time I have really done any airbrushing gradients properly on a vehicle, it's not perfect but I think it turned out ok. I put a heap of the Cthonian gang symbols around the base of the pod at Marine head height, like they are doing it before the pod drops and the big guy goes into battle.

Weathering post paint work was composed of sponge chipping, weathering pigments, pin washes and streaking, airbrushed scorch marks from the turbine on to the top fins and also airbrushed and streaked scorch marks from the bottom of the pod up. I wanted to have a balance of weathering so that it could be placed down with the doors shut or open and look appropriate to each format.

The ne…

Just moved house, new man-cave!

This week has been a big one, my girlfriend and I have moved out of our little apartment and into a bigger 3x2 Townhouse. I hate the actual shift itself but it's worked out brilliantly as we were sharing a study/hobby space before, and it was really cramped. We now have a room each!

I've taken a gamble and gotten one of the potentially exploding Ikea display cases! Fingers crossed. I'm planning to get around to laminating the underside with clear to catch any pieces if it does let go, but whether I do is another thing..

I'm glad I kept the picture of the Astral Claws dread that I got with one of the two Badab Imperial Armour books, I have the Space Marine chapters one from the conflict too but it's freaking massive and I couldn't find a frame big enough to fit it.

Had a bit of a win with a local games vendor and managed to pick up some GW stock for 50% off retail, super score! I got Silver Tower because I actually really want to play that with the girlfri…

Lord Commander Eidolon - Post 'propainted' Touchups for a friend

Evening guys,

It's not often I get to paint miniatures that aren't mine and as rare as it is, this is different again.. Touchups/rework!

A friend of mine and one of the blokes in my group is getting his Emperors Children army commission painted, he had a pretty massive Iron Hands 40k force but has since made the switch to 30k and sold up with the old stuff. He wanted to get the best job done on his Forge World models which I can totally understand so he went out to get the army commission painted a few bits at a time.

He tried 2 companies, one - Lil Legend Studio to work on his BaC Tactical Marines and another studio from the states to work on Eidolon. Myles work from LL Studio is fucking gorgeous as pretty much anyone can attest and having seen it here in the flesh, it's definitely worth your $$ if you wanted to go that way. The other studio though.. kinda reminds me of the 'Pro painted' you can sometimes see on ebay..

After a few months of buggering around even t…