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2400pts Sons of Horus - Progress Pic

I'll need to do some individual shots of the Quad-guns at some point and the Rhino I just did but I figured a group photo after a battle against Imperial Fists last night would suffice.

I've done a conversion I am reasonably happy with for Maloghurst, and have him, a Praetor modelled from Abaddon, 2 Justaerin and 2 Javelins to paint for a 30k tournament on the 13th of November.


Aquilla Strong Point and Vengeance Batteries

Hey dudes, been a bit slammed last week but I managed to get a few pieces done for my table after closing out 2.1k of the Sons. The big silo needs a more work around the base to match the tones of the Mars mat a bit more but I think the Vengeance batteries are pretty well spot on for a match. I've never bothered to do terrain this well before with plaster, sand and rocks on the bases to integrate the model pieces better with the base and make a more irregular surface but I think it's a no-going-back type of thing now.
I also built some Javelin speeders last night and need to paint them, a Maloghurst conversion and a few more Justaerin before a 2500pt 30k event in November. The Javelins were a nightmare to build honestly, I really didn't enjoy the process at all which is a bit of a shame as they are such gorgeous kits when done but I think the FW molds are getting a little worn as some of the detail was filled in, a lot of big mold lines and even some slippage which I have…