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Hive Fleet Behemoth Tyrannofex Showcase

This will be the last one for a while from the spawning ponds. I'm going elbow deep into the Horus Heresy from now until I have a solid 2.5k completed for them as the local scene is really picking up and the game system is a lot stronger than 40k.

Shelving this project is kinda good actually, I feel like the last two models I have painted for the nids have been a massive drag and taken me far too long for the outcome.

That said, I'm petty happy with this bloke and the Malanthrope completed before it, the whole force looks pretty shit hot on the table with the pearl blue over red and bases done up.

I'm not convinced that anyone is actually checking in, but I'll be back with some assembled Sons of Horus marines and stuff in a couple weeks/month.

Nids - Benched.