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Paint Progress Shot. Tervigon is done, started the Warriors.

X-25 Tamiya Clear Green is probably my favourite thing at the moment. I mixed it in with a few different GW paints to get the kind of slime look that I wanted on the Tervigon and it's base and I'm really happy with the result. 
So as far as progress goes I finished the Tervigon on Monday, and based both that and the Mucolid. The Warriors I started yesterday and are not far away from the finishing touches now. The Termagants need basing. 
I'm pretty happy with how it's all coming along:

Mucolid Spore and Tervigon WIP shot.

So I made a bit of progress today which feels really good! I have been fighting for time lately around girlfriend, work and sport time commitments mean at best I can paint for a bit on a Monday or Tuesday. I'm pretty happy with how the big spore bomb has come out, I still have to finish the base and add a few minor details but the bulk is done.
The Tervigon has quite a way to go, I've been working my way back from the front end with the head and spawned 'gants finished. I had a real win too with the Tamiya Clear Red X-27 I normally use for blood effects also being available in green (X-25) which I have sponged and stippled on to the front end where they are bursting out. It looks gross, cool!

500pt Combat Patrol - Tyranids vs Necrons & Alpha Legion - Hive Fleet Behemoth Swarms.

Tyranids, 500pts.. I had only seen this going poorly. With the Adepticon: Combat Patrol rules we were using restricting models other than troops to 2 wounds max, and a restriction in usable slots, I went with the best list I could figure for the value while still getting a hefty MC on the ground to punch it out. I listed it out in the previous post but here it is again for context:

1x Venomthrope 30x Termagants - Fleshborers 1x Tervigon - Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Electroshock Grubs, Stinger Salvo, Scything Talons 3x Warriors - Deathspitters, Scything Talons
The first match was against MB with 30k Legion Marines, he had:
10x Legion Tac Marines 1x Contemptor Dread - 2x Kheres Assault Cannons 1x Sicarian Battle Tank - JerkCannons and Heavy Bolter Sponsons
It was a match up that kinda petrified me as I could just see him tearing apart the Tervigon and the whole mess coming undone as I was left with 30 useless 'gants and a bunch of Warriors that couldn't do much. We got the Relic…

500pt Tyranids in Combat Patrol and the Infinity Moto.Tronica cheap-o-table project.


We're about to start playing a 500pt tournament amongst my gaming group using the Adepticon: Combat Patrol rules and I figured I'd need a table to host some matches on.

When Operation Ice Storm was launched, I was really impressed by the visuals of the card scenery included in the set. I didn't jump on board with the whole set as I have quite a lot of Aleph already so I just bought 4 of the scenery packs with the idea of making a 4'x4' table from them in the future. They sat unwrapped for quite a while but with the tournament kicking off tomorrow night I figured I would get to assembling them so we could use it as a second table.

Theres probably a bit much for 40k but with no area terrain as such you'd only be getting LoS cover saves so maybe it works out? It's a bit thin for infinity compared to the other tables I have played on though but it's still pretty decent for $40 worth of card!

I bought 2x 1200x600x6mm sheets of MDF with a laminate on one …

Eversor Assassin finished from the new set.

Hey guys,

I finished the Eversor from the new Assassinorium: Execution Force game tonight with a wee bit of basing and some Tamiya 'Clear Red' blood effect on the gauntlet and body. I didn't go with a solid bone facemask, I wanted it to look like he had painted on the bone effect as part of a pre-battle ritual.

As is naturally the way though, he just got rinsed by a Cultist in the game I played tonight.. The only painted guy on the table and he goes out like a sucka while tapping away on a keyboard activating the teleporter with his little needle fingers..


Putting the ass into Assassinorium Execution Force.

As probable with most people who have bought the Assassinorium Execution Force board game, I got in for the gorgeous new Assassin sculpts and wow, they have not disappointed! Actually as per my usual critique of the new GW kits the quality of the plastic sucks, but the actual design and proportions are much more pleasing on the eye and I can only imagine will be amazing to paint like Forge World's sculpts.

My girlfriend Loz came over last night and was quite excited to give the actual game a go with me, we got the clingwrapped pack of tiles and counters out from the box (I'd just gone straight for the minis) and checked them out for the first time..
The ass in Assassin:
They have printed both sides of each tile in a high resolution semi-gloss finish over the card, the quality is really nice, just as good as FFG puts out... accept... they only printed a map on one side. The back side is actually just plain black, not just 'yeah whatev's' black, but specifically prin…