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Batch painting Behemoth Termagants, we're gonna need a bigger boat!

I was trying to batch the Termagants in a lot of 30 but as I quickly found out, it was massively sapping my enthusiasm to plod on a single colour for 4 hours at a time.. My initial goal to paint all 30 core 'gants first was an absolute pipe dream, to paint 10 gants and paint something larger and fun before painting another 10 is going to be the only way I make it through this alive!

So they shuffle from one side of the painting area to the other as each colour or treatment goes on, these 10 should be done by the morning tomorrow which will be nice, then I might punch out the other Carnifex before attacking the next lot of critters.

Games wise I have been stoked with the new additions to the fleet, the Tyrannocyte in particular is a bit of an MVP, dropping the Tyrannofex into the heat early and turning the 5 Venom Cannons to bare on whatever is closest. The two blokes I play against sport Necrons and 30k Alpha Legion, both having backup armies of 40k Death guard and Orks.

The necr…

The red on the Tyranid Army is completed. Now for the fun stuff.

My goodness, it feels good to not see any more grey miniatures! One component that I really don't enjoy about the hobby is just building massed kits when you get started on a project.. clipping parts from the sprue and trying to clean and assemble everything drives me insane, then to see the wall of grey in front of me, it demotivates. Especially with the new GW blend of plastic, it's really soft and it tends to snag and rip. The complexity of the new kits too has meant a lot more gap filling (and also just a bit of me ignoring some joins as well because I don't have 10hrs to waste on green stuffing..).

So these guys are now all up to the same base level and I feel a little better about having a game with them, there are 3 different reds applied in a zenithal fashion from Tamiya cans over the Chaos Black primer, it gives a nice natural gradient to the skin. 
I hit the Tyrannocyte, the Mucolid and the spore mines with a bottom up spray of olive green too (after the black pr…

Hive Fleet Behemoth, Mucolid Spore Conversion.

I had the little bobble head of the Mucolid staring at me as I clipped the Tyrannocyte bits and pieces from the sprue, I wanted to build one (15pts for a troop, so sweet! Gimme more MC's) but I wasn't going to go to the effort that some others have of GS'ing tentacles from scratch or acquiring bits I didn't already have just to build it.

I robbed one of the support tentacles from the Tyrannocytes requirements and re-jigged the lower outer tentacle configuration of the giant egg so I could still fill the empty socket with one of the auxiliary non-support tentacles.

Having also built the Harpy this weekend gone, it jumped at me that the Tentaclids left over from the Crone components of the kit had some sweet little trailing tentacles with the same aesthetic as the Tyrannocyte tentacles.

Mounting the Mucolid dome on the #47 tentacle I robbed, I cut down the Tentaclids, glued them in and GS'd a bit of detail to join them in to the rest of the model. The blank circles I…

We're just gonna have to call this.. Hive Fleet 'What the hell did I do?!'. Back to Behemoth!

Well, that didn't exactly go to plan! I went and repainted all the carapace with whatever Deneb stone is called these days then flashed over the top of it with a few coats of this snazzy orange. I was pretty happy with that result, but then trying to chip/stipple/spot the edges as was shown in the drawings, impossible! You can't get decent coverage on the back plates without hitting the stacks and it just looks messy. 
I've pulled the pin, back to super high gloss black with a blue wash and a bit of edge highlighting I think, I don't like the look of the feathered edges GW does so I will keep it simple.

The Hive Fleet assembles.

So pretty much everything I have was second hand save for the Flyrant, 8 of the Stealers and the Tervigon. I bought a bit of the second hand stuff from a local dude, Chris, and my friend Wozz gave me a bunch of other stuff as well, all in it's just over 2k. So much work!

I've prepped 8 of the stealers, both tyrants, both carnifexes, 6 warriors, 30 gaunts, lictor, tyrannofex, tervigon and the ripper swarms. The other 55 gaunts and gants still need mold lines and injection points removed as do 26 stealers, 3 raveners and the 21 spore mines. It's hard to work with pre-built and in cases pre-painted stuff too, I've been trying my best to break the models apart gently so I can clean them up and reassemble for painting but it's a slow process and I only feel like I'm making headway really once the primer goes on.


Playing around with Tyranid Hive Fleet ideas.

Yes, HF Harvest.

Yeha! Once more into the hobby breach we go. I painted this guy last week in a slightly modified HF Behemoth Scheme as my first miniature in maybe 4 years:

Read more to read more:...

Redscorps origins and the Red Scorpions Chapter.

You might remember me, I'm Redscorps. I quit the hobby after a bit of drama in the real world, sold up the Red Scorpions army you see below and didn't think much of it at all between 2011 and now. I've been quite restless, I went and worked in the desert again, I backpacked around Europe hiking for some months, did an inter-country cycling trip and broke my ankle and tore some ligaments quite badly playing Gridiron which has sort of put me on my ass again over the last year. 
My first real army and my first go at painting and converting the stuff you see below came from a fractured C2 vertebrae (and other misc injuries) and a fair bit of time away from sports, so it's kind of fitting that I'm back in now. I figured out how to paint, then figured out how to paint a little better, was inspired by Phil and Mark from Forgeworld's studio to paint better again and apply some more realistic effects to the models (still not a shade on those guys!).
I did a few co…