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SoH Praetor Tribune LTD and Prospero Tartarus with Custom work WIP

Aye dudes,
Last post for the year I think, managed to get a shitload done and I'm pretty stoked! I painted about 750pts of Tyranids at the start of the year and just under 3000pts of Sons of Horus with the large portion of that happening after August.

I'll finish the posting off as far as I can see with the WIP's of my Tartarus armoured dick kickers including the LTD edition Tribune model that I managed to snaffle up and squirrel away for when I got some Tarts.

Did the usual spikey thing as I have done with my armour and I think it really sets them up for the legion theme. Got 2 teams of 5 with matching loadouts which I will likely roll into a squad of 10. Did a conversion for the axe on the Praetor using the ball and spike from a Justaerin axe flushed up to the axe blade and power unit from the Chaos Terminator Lord (shaved the skull icon off the blade and shaved the joining bit thinner). I tried just the Justaerin axe head but it looked stupid, was too small. He looks b…