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Sons of Horus - Customised/Themed Leviathan Siege Dread Showcase

Hey y'all,

Pretty stoked with this, I spent a good 5 hours on it this afternoon to try and match the aesthetic of the Forge World Legion Contemptor and the Reavers/Justaerin. I trimmed down square styrene rod for the studs, made a few mirror coins from GS, added some skulls on chain and Forge World brass etch. I accidentally covered up what I found out later were the frag assault launchers with skulls, Will Hayes (hell of a designer!) filled me in on that after I had already done the work with a scalpel and some superglue.. I thought they were bloody headlights as I had seen a few guys paint them up with OSL.

Anyway, I feel that it's really come together and with some paint, will look like it was meant to be this way, it was pointed out too by Will that it looks like he's on a rollerskate with the wrecked Rapier, haha.. I can't unsee it now, but I still like the base, adds a lot of character. Which legion should I paint up the Rapier for? I don't specifically know…

500pts Sons of Horus for Zone Mortalis Done!

My last photos of the Apothecary and Chaplain were a little over exposed but I'll leave them up anyway as they still look ok, this is a lot more akin to how they actually look in real life (on my monitor at least), dark and gritty. Pretty happy with how it's all coming along. I was 5 days late on my monthly pledge for the global escalation league but I am stoked with the achievement considering how much I work each week and I don't think I have ever managed to paint that much in a month before.