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Sons of Horus - 10 man Reaver Squad Completed and an Army Shot

Evening all,

These guys took a lot longer than I expected to finish them but I'm super stoked!

I couldn't quite get the photos right in terms of lighting and exposure, I think I will change out for a standard black or white backdrop in the future as I have had good results with both previously.

The bodies of these guys are airbrushed black up to grey, the chin component of the helmets and jump packs were done the same green as the Vets and the shoulder pads have a red fade on them. I was trying to emulate what I had seen done by the studio before and though it looked pretty quirky after the airbrushing, it toned down significantly with the rest of the paint-work.

So I seem to be painting one unit a month at the moment with a bit of hobby stuff around the sides. I might take a break from these dudes and paint up a Zone Mortalis table I bought from Forge World before getting back in with tanks!


P.s. If you're reading, drop me a line in the comments so I can figu…

Sons of Horus - 5 Justaerin Finished and an Army Progress Shot.

Yew, got a new squad done for the SoH!

This is the first time I have done an airbrushed black with the stylised highlights as seen in the WIP photos preceding this post and I'm quite happy with the results. Previously I was a little lost to do with black aside from some line highlights and weathering pigments, it lightens the models up a bit but I really like the effect.

925pts down, Reavers are up next, hopefully a week or two as I am working in the bush at the moment and they were the only dudes I had airbrushed and ready for detailing. I need another Troop choice and some transports painted ASAP so they won't be too far behind.



Sons of Horus - Justaerin WIP

This guy was hard to photograph with the camera on my phone but it's coming together pretty well I think. I'm really pleased with how the black/green/grey airbrushed 'black' has come out under the detail, the flat clear tones the lightest points down quite a bit too.