Some new semi-DIY terrain for my table finished.

In my new series, EAT FOOD MAKE STUFF, I built some new things!

I find the GW kits work best when you chop them up and add them to other things, like a Milo tin or a 710ml can of 'V' for example, it's also a lot better at LoS blocking too as most GW kits are pretty easy to see through. So yeah, knocked these two bits up and a couple little hill type things. 

I also got my BB team out of the foam and put them in the display case, pretty happy how these guys came out. Speaking of, I started a Dwarf team too tonight. I love the armour and most of the poses are pretty dynamic compared to the humans, orks and even skaven.


Mordian7th said…
Awesome! I always preferred the old school cast-off-bits terrain like these, takes me back to the old days!
stats said…
Great terrain, the first one is amazing!
NafNaf said…
That terrain looks great. Very old school, and will add alot to your gaming table I think :(
Joe B said…
Haha old school style! The homemade terrain does work well with added bits to bring it into the world of 40k.
I just started my dwarf team as well and completely agree that they have some awesome poses. I like that they gave head options for the Slayer and Blitzer as well.
Thanks guys!

I love the old school style.

Cylde Ar said…
Great terrain. Wish more time to make some terrain

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