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Fully Painted Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report - My Mini Report Comic Book Style

Hey gang,

Heres a comic style Adeptus Titanicus Battle Report from a game I played the other day. 1500pts, fully painted Axiom Maniples from Legio Tempestus (My mate Marcus) and my my Legio Vulpa and House Makabius.

I'm not sure how it's gonna turn out format wise as a post but I'll throw it up and see what happens, allegedly this prints to A4!




Siph_Horridus said…
Love the format of the Batrep. Nice.
Agis said…
That is so cool. Innovative! Need to print or download the pictures as it is hard to read the text boxes in the browser...
Mordian7th said…
Absolutely fantastic! Loved the pics, the game looks like it was a blast, and the comic format really works well. Good stuff, man!
Thanks dudes!

The format is a little tough to try and keep it small enough to see a page and see the action, but still get text on thats descriptive of the action.. I might try and blow up the size of the pics a little more in here, but yeah I think it's best to download and zoom so you can pan around.

Thanks for checking in and the support, definitely was a good game. I felt really under pressure in the early turns but the balance tipped pretty hard once I started to get the engine kills in.

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