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Engines Of War - Legio Vulpa And House Makabius Unite.

I got a couple more pieces done for Adeptus Titanicus over the weekend, 3 Cerastus Knights and the Warhound Titan [CANIS CALIDUS] join the stuff I posted up the other day.

Legio Vulpa - Canis Calidus and Nuntio Dolores
House Makabius Support - Unknown Scions

I'm now in a wormhole of ivory trimming now though as I get the panels ready on 2x Reaver Titans, 1x Warlord Titan and the second Warhound Titan to match this one up.

Vibing how it's coming along though. You working on some Titans? Let me know so I can come get hype on your blog.



Siph_Horridus said…
Great pose for the Warlord! I'm currently working towards completing my "AT28mm" full scale Warlord for the upcoming TitanOwnersClub big UK Walk at the end of June! I wish I could paint a Warlord in a week, so far it's taken a few years... I'm slow and had model burnout after the construction
Oh man, honestly it took more than 60hrs of work time to paint the Porphyrion, I can't even begin to think how long it would take me to do a Warlord. I had a look at your work so far today and it's super impressive. Good luck for the deadline hey!
Mordian7th said…
Absolutely gorgeous looking maniples! I am oh so tempted to pick up a warlord to paint, sadly no-one local is playing the game but the models are just so good...
Agis said…
Love the knights, they really stand out. The titans look crisp. The red is very vibrant. My self I am in the third year of my 28mm warlord, but I can see the end of it. Then I will start with my Warbringer. Apart from that I have 6 large 28 mm knights and 10 small 28 mm ones to paint.
Monkeychuka said…
I love your choice of colours and blending. Daaamn.

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