Mucolid Spore and Tervigon WIP shot.

So I made a bit of progress today which feels really good! I have been fighting for time lately around girlfriend, work and sport time commitments mean at best I can paint for a bit on a Monday or Tuesday. I'm pretty happy with how the big spore bomb has come out, I still have to finish the base and add a few minor details but the bulk is done.

The Tervigon has quite a way to go, I've been working my way back from the front end with the head and spawned 'gants finished. I had a real win too with the Tamiya Clear Red X-27 I normally use for blood effects also being available in green (X-25) which I have sponged and stippled on to the front end where they are bursting out. It looks gross, cool!


Joe B said…
That clear green is nasty! Looking good sir!
Thanks Joe! Yeah I love it, when I finish the model I will get some better photos of the ichor.

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