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500pt Combat Patrol - Tyranids vs Necrons & Alpha Legion - Hive Fleet Behemoth Swarms.

Tyranids, 500pts.. I had only seen this going poorly. With the Adepticon: Combat Patrol rules we were using restricting models other than troops to 2 wounds max, and a restriction in usable slots, I went with the best list I could figure for the value while still getting a hefty MC on the ground to punch it out. I listed it out in the previous post but here it is again for context:

1x Venomthrope
30x Termagants - Fleshborers
1x Tervigon - Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Electroshock Grubs, Stinger Salvo, Scything Talons
3x Warriors - Deathspitters, Scything Talons

The first match was against MB with 30k Legion Marines, he had:

10x Legion Tac Marines
1x Contemptor Dread - 2x Kheres Assault Cannons
1x Sicarian Battle Tank - JerkCannons and Heavy Bolter Sponsons

It was a match up that kinda petrified me as I could just see him tearing apart the Tervigon and the whole mess coming undone as I was left with 30 useless 'gants and a bunch of Warriors that couldn't do much. We got the Relic mission and I pushed hard to get on it with the 30 'gants before his Tac Marines could capture it. I pushed out 2 decent sized batches of new 'gants before the Tervigon ran dry and used I the spawned gants to push back the Contemptor (MB was trying to avoid CC, definitely the way to go with this guy) and finally engage it in close combat to stifle it's heavy influence on the game. 

The Venomthrope shadowed the Tervigon around as I moved everything up the guts and the big blob of 'gants captured the Relic before moving away from the Contemptor and Sicarian to shoot up the Tac Marines with the Warriors providing Synapse and fire support. I stuffed up my synapse coverage in this match though and the 'gants locking the Contemptor up were not fearless and were consequently over-run with the loss of an initiative roll off. The Tervigon got the Sicarian down to a single hull point before it bit the dust but by this time it was too little too late for the marines as the fearless blob squad and the 3 Warriors locked up the Contemptor for the remainder of the game after destroying the last of the Tac squad, netting me the win.

It was a really close game, the termagant swarm got pretty close to 60 which was pretty hard for his 12 models to deal with alongside the Shrouding from the Venomthrope and the Catalyst being cast from the Tervigon where needed. Great match though!

Behemoth - Relic, Warlord, Linebreaker (but we called it as turn 5 came around)
MB - First Blood, Warlord

The second match was against DC with his Necrons, he had:

1x Lord (Veil of Darkness)
5x Deathmarks
6x Immortals
5x Immortals
4x Tomb Blades
1x Heavy Destroyer

DC and I are always very closely matched as the shooting range is pretty similar between the Tyranids and Necrons. This game was no exception! DC having watched me play MB in the match before went straight for the throat on turn 1, using the blast weapons that ignore cover from the Tomb Blades to hit the Tervigon he could see, and kill the Venomthrope that was hiding behind it that he couldn't see, dropping the cover save shenanigans immediately and meaning I was on +5's from that point out. 

The swarm grew, the Tervigon batched 4 times actually with the smallest lot of 6 coming on turn 4 with was perfect for the points weighted objectives game we were playing. We pushed aggressively up the middle from the start with pretty much the entire Necron force including the deep striking Deathmarks concentrating on trying to take down the lumbering Tervigon from the get go to limit the amount of spawns and synapse I would have at my disposal. 

DC played well, it wasn't to be though as the growth of the swarm and the resilience of the Tervigon with the +3 armour, cover saves and Catalyst being too much for the shooting and manoeuvrability of the Necrons to overcome. The game ended on turn 5 with a roll but the Necrons were starting to be in trouble as the Tyranids began assaulting units, becoming unavailable to shoot at while still holding the objectives in most cases. Great match though also!

Behemoth - 11 Points (10 Objective, Linebreaker)
DC - 6 Points (4 Objective, First Blood)

It was a really good night of gaming, we got another buddy into it too and he helped steer the nids at the start of the second match with me for his first time playing 40k. I was really happy with the list too, the damage output is horribly low, but the birthed 'gants ad a huge amount of utility to the force which kinda makes up for it if you can use them right (and maintain the damn synapse web!).

Here are a couple of crappy iphone pics to show how the final game ended up:


SinSynn said…
That really worked out well!

Sheesh- opponents are gonna really hate on the Tervigon.
A couple good spawns and everything will start to get messy.
Yeah man you bet.

I have to change it up though, all the talk on the post game debrief email string was pretty much 'GET HIM!' orientated.

Got some Hive Guard and will swap them out for some more offensive punch with the Warriors and Venomthrope, or Keep them and ditch the Tervigon and Gants for some more Warriors.

500pts is hard man!

Thanks for checking in dude!

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