500pts Sons of Horus for Zone Mortalis Done!

My last photos of the Apothecary and Chaplain were a little over exposed but I'll leave them up anyway as they still look ok, this is a lot more akin to how they actually look in real life (on my monitor at least), dark and gritty. Pretty happy with how it's all coming along. I was 5 days late on my monthly pledge for the global escalation league but I am stoked with the achievement considering how much I work each week and I don't think I have ever managed to paint that much in a month before.

Sons of Horus 500pt ZM force, Chaplain, Apothecary, Tactical Squad and Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought


Zab said…
damn fine force there!
jamie farrar said…
Awesome looking 500 pointer Red, Love those Assault cannons dude!
Thanks Zab! Thanks Jamie!

I wanted to try and make the new rotor cannon style barrels but I got really frustrated with the muzzle brakes trying to get the drillings symmetrical. Came out alright in the end though. I actually always forget they are different.
Love the assault cannons on the dread, what did you use for them?
Hi Christopher, I used brass tube and plasticard tubing to make them. I worked out what sizes I needed to sleeve 5 barrels inside the outer one using an engineering app and bought the right sizes. I used the standard rear section though.

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