Sons of Horus - 5 Justaerin Finished and an Army Progress Shot.

Yew, got a new squad done for the SoH!

This is the first time I have done an airbrushed black with the stylised highlights as seen in the WIP photos preceding this post and I'm quite happy with the results. Previously I was a little lost to do with black aside from some line highlights and weathering pigments, it lightens the models up a bit but I really like the effect.

925pts down, Reavers are up next, hopefully a week or two as I am working in the bush at the moment and they were the only dudes I had airbrushed and ready for detailing. I need another Troop choice and some transports painted ASAP so they won't be too far behind.

Sons of Horus Justaerin Terminators

Sons of Horus


Agis said…
A nice start and looking good. It will be interesting to see your next models.
Thanks for checking in mate! I hope the next ones come out as good, I think this is a good step up from my last army and especially from the Red Scorpions who had mostly flat paint jobs with pin washing and line highlights under the weathering, these guys are all airbrushed with highlights.

Thanks again,
jamie farrar said…
Love the Termies Red and your force is looking great, Must get some of my half finished units done for a group photo.

Thanks Jamie!

Yeah do it, I find I get most motivated when I see everything together.

tacobat said…
These look bananas!
Kaelo Rylanus said…
Really beautiful work :)
Thanks Tacobat! You'll get to throw down against them soon enough I'd imagine.

Kaelo, cheers for stopping by mate, love your work over on the Battle Bunnies!

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