Sons of Horus - 10 man Reaver Squad Completed and an Army Shot

Evening all,

Sons of Horus Reaver Assault Squad
These guys took a lot longer than I expected to finish them but I'm super stoked!

Sons of Horus Reaver Assault Squad
I couldn't quite get the photos right in terms of lighting and exposure, I think I will change out for a standard black or white backdrop in the future as I have had good results with both previously.

Sons of Horus Reaver Assault Squad
The bodies of these guys are airbrushed black up to grey, the chin component of the helmets and jump packs were done the same green as the Vets and the shoulder pads have a red fade on them. I was trying to emulate what I had seen done by the studio before and though it looked pretty quirky after the airbrushing, it toned down significantly with the rest of the paint-work.

1350pts Sons of Horus Army
So I seem to be painting one unit a month at the moment with a bit of hobby stuff around the sides. I might take a break from these dudes and paint up a Zone Mortalis table I bought from Forge World before getting back in with tanks!


P.s. If you're reading, drop me a line in the comments so I can figure out what sort of audience I have?


Agis said…
Really nice, a more dark and sinister version of the sons than what I have generally seen. A good comeback to the hobby.
Thanks Agis!

I went with the theme 'Heretical Murderers and Perpetrators of Dark Compliance', seemed only fitting that they be pretty grim.
NafNaf said…
Love them. Really dark and gritty. I alsi like them photographed on the red backdrop. It adds atmosphere and character to the shots. I reckon you should stick with it and just fiddle a little till you can find the right settings
tacobat said…
Man those are nice, the basing is extremely striking!
Mordian7th said…
Those look fantastic, man! Really dig how the force is coming along!
Darien Vasco said…
They are awesome! Great work! At some point I would like to add some jump pack reavers into my SoH!
NafNaf, thanks a bunch mate, yeah I think I will, I just need better lighting, I will mess around with a few more styles of lamps and try to get the glare down as well. Thanks again mate.

Tacobat, thanks dude. I went with SWM and Dragonforge resin ones before but decided this time to follow one of the good cork tile basing tutorials and I am quite happy with how they come out. Couple more gubbins would be nice but my bits box isn't particularly stacked with spares.

Mordian7th, thanks mate, hope Nova went well! I saw the 30k program in the players pack posted on FB, looks like they have gone all in!

Darien Vasco, you're the man when it comes to SoH, I take a lot of inspiration from your army! Thanks for calling past and checking mine out.

Cheers guys
Darien Vasco said…
Thanks Jack! No problem, you're work is fantastic and I've added your blog to my reading list! :D looking forward to seeing your SoH grow!

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