Aquilla Strong Point and Vengeance Batteries

Hey dudes, been a bit slammed last week but I managed to get a few pieces done for my table after closing out 2.1k of the Sons. The big silo needs a more work around the base to match the tones of the Mars mat a bit more but I think the Vengeance batteries are pretty well spot on for a match. I've never bothered to do terrain this well before with plaster, sand and rocks on the bases to integrate the model pieces better with the base and make a more irregular surface but I think it's a no-going-back type of thing now.

I also built some Javelin speeders last night and need to paint them, a Maloghurst conversion and a few more Justaerin before a 2500pt 30k event in November. The Javelins were a nightmare to build honestly, I really didn't enjoy the process at all which is a bit of a shame as they are such gorgeous kits when done but I think the FW molds are getting a little worn as some of the detail was filled in, a lot of big mold lines and even some slippage which I haven't really experienced before. 

Around the models required for the 2500pt list I want to take to the tournament in November I aim to finish the other buildings shown for the table, make some hills and create bases for the GW cargo containers.


Agis said…
Lovely,that looks absolutely fabulous. The integration of the base with the scenery relay works and I agree, once you have gone down that road there is no going back. Looking forward to see how it ends.
stats said…
Great job -as always-, I love the blend where the metal meets the earth.
Rory Priest said…
Good job making it tie into the mat so well, ditto with your troops. A nice solid theme all around. Shame about the speeders though, at least they are done now and ready for paint.

Now stop making me want to SoH! I did some of my BaC as Imperial Fists but SoH are tempting me and I am waiting for the SW stuff to drop to be sure.
Thanks boys!

I reckon SW will be a cracker Rory and the loyalists get better access to toys and allies at the moment so you can make a more diverse army. Do love the SoH but they don't quite have the level of flexibility as the loyalist forces do.

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