2400pts Sons of Horus - Progress Pic

I'll need to do some individual shots of the Quad-guns at some point and the Rhino I just did but I figured a group photo after a battle against Imperial Fists last night would suffice.

I've done a conversion I am reasonably happy with for Maloghurst, and have him, a Praetor modelled from Abaddon, 2 Justaerin and 2 Javelins to paint for a 30k tournament on the 13th of November.



Mordian7th said…
Beautiful work, man - Loving seeing 'em all together!
Thanks mate, I'm burning out fast though, I don't know how you are able to do so much to such a great standard and stay sane/motivated!
NafNaf said…
Love it! Your force is looking great :)
Joe B said…
They are an awesome looking army! The red and greens work really well to make it a very interesting army to look at.
Rory Priest said…
Just take a break or two :)
Mordian is a machine, he doesn't need to stop but us humans do.
Rory Priest said…
Thanks Joe for finding me another blog to look at. Loving your work Red Scorps.

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