Batch painting Behemoth Termagants, we're gonna need a bigger boat!

I was trying to batch the Termagants in a lot of 30 but as I quickly found out, it was massively sapping my enthusiasm to plod on a single colour for 4 hours at a time.. My initial goal to paint all 30 core 'gants first was an absolute pipe dream, to paint 10 gants and paint something larger and fun before painting another 10 is going to be the only way I make it through this alive!

So they shuffle from one side of the painting area to the other as each colour or treatment goes on, these 10 should be done by the morning tomorrow which will be nice, then I might punch out the other Carnifex before attacking the next lot of critters.

Games wise I have been stoked with the new additions to the fleet, the Tyrannocyte in particular is a bit of an MVP, dropping the Tyrannofex into the heat early and turning the 5 Venom Cannons to bare on whatever is closest. The two blokes I play against sport Necrons and 30k Alpha Legion, both having backup armies of 40k Death guard and Orks.

The necrons and the 'nids have been very well matched before as a foot slogging list with similar ranges, the 30k Alpha legion however raped my face off in the last game before the Harpy/Crone and the Tyrannocyte joined my hive, they have both given me a lot more board presence and makes my bros think a bit more carefully about their deployment.

This is what I played today, the Crone got smashed as it came on from deployment by a Contemptor with Kheres Assault Cannons and Interceptor, similarly the Exocrine didn't make it on until turn 4 and not in a position to do anything really so we could say they had no real effect. The hive solidly won the game though on turn 5 with the Alpha Legion calling the loss and turning tail:

Tyranids: Codex (2014) (Combined Arms Detachment)

  • No Force Org Slot

    • Tyrannocyte

      5x Venom Cannon
  • HQ

    • Hive Tyrant

      Electroshock Grubs, Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms, Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms, Wings
  • Troops

    • Mucolid Spore Cluster

      Mucolid Spore
    • Termagant Brood

      30x Fleshborer Termagant
    • Tervigon (*30 termagants)

      Electroshock Grubs, Scything Talons, Stinger Salvo
  • Fast Attack

    • Hive Crone

      Stinger Salvo
  • Heavy Support

    • Carnifex Brood

      • Carnifex

        Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms, Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms
      • Carnifex

        Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms, Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms
    • Exocrine

    • Tyrannofex

      Acid Spray, Electroshock Grubs

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