Playing around with Tyranid Hive Fleet ideas.

Yes, HF Harvest.

Yeha! Once more into the hobby breach we go. I painted this guy last week in a slightly modified HF Behemoth Scheme as my first miniature in maybe 4 years:

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I was going to be content with just punching out an army in the good old Behemoth scheme but I don't really like the stripy look they do on the Carapace and by the time I had painted this guy I had kinda strayed from the standard pattern a bit.

So I had a bit of a play around in this:

I started out with the Behemoth scheme here:

And worked out that I liked the Autumn style colours of this variant (I got the body how I painted the dakkafex and just played with Carapace colour options), HF Harvest was born:

I like it, it looks dangerous. I can do the carapace orange and sponge chip blacks and browns on the edges as per the template design for effect.



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