The Hive Fleet assembles.

So pretty much everything I have was second hand save for the Flyrant, 8 of the Stealers and the Tervigon. I bought a bit of the second hand stuff from a local dude, Chris, and my friend Wozz gave me a bunch of other stuff as well, all in it's just over 2k. So much work!

I've prepped 8 of the stealers, both tyrants, both carnifexes, 6 warriors, 30 gaunts, lictor, tyrannofex, tervigon and the ripper swarms. The other 55 gaunts and gants still need mold lines and injection points removed as do 26 stealers, 3 raveners and the 21 spore mines. It's hard to work with pre-built and in cases pre-painted stuff too, I've been trying my best to break the models apart gently so I can clean them up and reassemble for painting but it's a slow process and I only feel like I'm making headway really once the primer goes on.



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