The red on the Tyranid Army is completed. Now for the fun stuff.

My goodness, it feels good to not see any more grey miniatures! One component that I really don't enjoy about the hobby is just building massed kits when you get started on a project.. clipping parts from the sprue and trying to clean and assemble everything drives me insane, then to see the wall of grey in front of me, it demotivates. Especially with the new GW blend of plastic, it's really soft and it tends to snag and rip. The complexity of the new kits too has meant a lot more gap filling (and also just a bit of me ignoring some joins as well because I don't have 10hrs to waste on green stuffing..).

So these guys are now all up to the same base level and I feel a little better about having a game with them, there are 3 different reds applied in a zenithal fashion from Tamiya cans over the Chaos Black primer, it gives a nice natural gradient to the skin. 

I hit the Tyrannocyte, the Mucolid and the spore mines with a bottom up spray of olive green too (after the black primer but before the reds went on), to give them more of a gross fleshy look and add a bit of variety to those tentacley weirdos. 




Hive Angel said…
I remeber seeing this picture, but couldn't remeber the blog. Your picture of your swarm kind of inspired me to move my Tyranid army in the same general direction to get every unit assembled and primed.

Consider me a follower of your swarm and check/follow my swarm as well.

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