Hive Fleet Behemoth, Mucolid Spore Conversion.

I had the little bobble head of the Mucolid staring at me as I clipped the Tyrannocyte bits and pieces from the sprue, I wanted to build one (15pts for a troop, so sweet! Gimme more MC's) but I wasn't going to go to the effort that some others have of GS'ing tentacles from scratch or acquiring bits I didn't already have just to build it.

I robbed one of the support tentacles from the Tyrannocytes requirements and re-jigged the lower outer tentacle configuration of the giant egg so I could still fill the empty socket with one of the auxiliary non-support tentacles.

Having also built the Harpy this weekend gone, it jumped at me that the Tentaclids left over from the Crone components of the kit had some sweet little trailing tentacles with the same aesthetic as the Tyrannocyte tentacles.

Mounting the Mucolid dome on the #47 tentacle I robbed, I cut down the Tentaclids, glued them in and GS'd a bit of detail to join them in to the rest of the model. The blank circles I am going to leave and paint up for a bit of detail, they should look pretty good with paint on. All in all, pretty happy, it was an easy conversion and got the Mucolid on the table with little fuss.

Also, why the shit is all of the new Tyranid range so damn huge?! It makes the old big stuff like Carnifexes and Hive Tyrants look puny.



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