Infinity - Aleph - Steel Phalanx - 2 Finished models from the starter and a Netrod.

I haven't made a lot of progress on the Tyranids over the last couple of weeks, I've had a bit of a lack of motivation after pushing to finish a bunch of Termagants and I've gotten stuck on the Hive guard for now so I have decided to take a break and finally paint some Infinity models that I have been sitting on since they were released. 

These were pretty easy paint jobs, I primed them black, did a tan/bone zenithal base coat, hit them with some boltgun metal to break up the white before finishing the models with 5 different washes and doing some pure white highlights..These three were about 5 hours total, which is a really short timeframe for me. Particularly nice as I've messed up my dominant hand in a scrap the other week so I'm struggling with holding the brush at the moment. The struggle is real, yikes!

Should have the other four guys finished soon for my 150pt list so I can get playing again. I love the 40k universe but the game of Infinity is next level, it's nice to have both though so when you want to play skirmish or large scale war game.


NafNaf said…
They look fab :) love the subtle blending you have achieved with the washes and zenithal basecoat. I am hooked on Infinity too. It really is good to have more than one game to play and paint as it can be very refreshing to switch systems when stuck in a rut or feeling blue about a particular game or army
Absolutely man, thanks for checking in too (sorry it took a while to respond).

I can't wait to get playing again, I think playing the 500pts of combat patrol in 40k has really highlighted to me what a broken system it is as far as balance goes (which everyone is well aware of by now). It is great still for the larger scale games but noticing that really spurs me on to start playing infinity again.

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