Made a light box, some better pics of the growing Tyranid swarm?

These kinda turned out ok, they have to be a little dark as the models themselves are quite dark but I still need to figure out the colour balance a bit better so I can get the red to pop without turning the rest of the model into a neon disaster. Also excuse the photo of the gants, must have bumped the camera. So everything I have painted now is done, I'm working on Hive Guard now, the new kit is really slick!


Kenza said…
Hey there,
your pics are still pretty dark, it's hard to make out the details. While the lightbox will make sure, that the minis don't end up to bright, you still need more lighting. Right now, there's still too much detail hidden in shadow.

Maybe check out the Photography tutorial on Tale of Painters, that was pretty great and helpful.

Thanks Kenza,

I'll head over and check that out now. I had a pretty good setup before but I can't quite remember how it went and overall these models seem a lot more difficult to photograph than the space marines were.

Also a change of camera and lens too, I did have a DSLR with a 50mm prime for the old shots where the new ones are with an CSC and a 14-42mm lens that operates completely differently.

Thanks again for stopping by and giving me some feedback.

Kenza said…
Sure, man, anytime. I think the article might help, since Garfy is taking a pic of the Nid Biotitan, which should be right up your alley. :)

But overall I agree, taking pictures of Nids is certainly harder than Marines.
Skanwy said…
Your army looks great! I am liking the colors alot. Very sweet terrain in the last pic as well!
Raymond Tan said…
Sweet Tyranids!

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