More Infinity Paint Progress - Aleph ASS - Eudoros, Evo Probot and Thorakitai added.


Still a bit burnt out on painting bugs for a little bit so I have continued the expedition into painting the Steel Phalanx boxed set I have been sitting on since it's release. I got Eudoros, the converted Prambot and the Thorakitai with LML all finished up today and am pretty happy with how the mostly wash painting over base coat is coming along. What I'm not stoked on is the basing, I love the bases dont get me wrong, but I think I want to follow the trend and get them on some hi-tech looking discs that match the aesthetic and save these completed bases for something a bit more primitive like Ariadna. Having the stepped base did give me the chance to remove the 'tactical rock' under Eudoros foot, win!

Of what I did the base coat on, I have one Netrod and the other two Thorakitai to go from the starter, then I want to get some games in for the first time in N3 (I haven't actually played since before Paradiso was released), before adding some cool stuff like Phoenix, Achilles and Nessaie Alke.

Aleph Steel Phalanx WIP


NafNaf said…

I actually like the basing. the colour adds a nice focal point to the models, and sets them off nicely
Kenza said…
I agree with what NafNaf said, cool colour combination with the warm colours on the base.

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