The Tuesday Update: Hive Fleet Behemoth Tervigon and Tyranid Warriors plus an updated group shot.

I can only really paint one, maybe two days a week if I am lucky so progress is quite slow. I pulled a big day last week though and was really happy with how the Warriors came out, I added some red blood splatter to these cats as they are often at the front of the swarm ploughing into the enemy lines trying to help (often, futile efforts).

I've taken a couple of more detailed pics of the Tervigon and the Tyranid Warriors and this weeks painting effort was centred around 10 new Termagants who are near(ish) completion, with the line highlight, blue wash of the carapace then gloss coating it, OSL type eyes and a few little details remaining to finish the models.

I am going to do a mad day of basing all these guys soon actually, I just really don't enjoy that as much as painting the models themselves so I would prefer to do it all in a big block.


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