Hive Tyrant head WIP picture.

Small amount of progress again this week after getting the Hive Guard finished last week, I'm struggling with the Mojo a bit lately!

 I'm quite proud of the wet blending result on the big dog's horn, I have never been very good at it but decided to try and up my game with the brush and give it a go. I used GW acrylics, Abbadon Black to Gorthor Brown and topped it off with Rakarth Flesh. Each was mixed with a drop of AK Interactives Acrylic Drying Retarder and blocked in place before being feathered together. The rest of his body is coming along well, I've got it about 60% done at the moment and should finish it off over the weekend.

Tyranid Hive Tyrant Head WIP


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