Hive Fleet Behemoth Tyrannocyte

Still waiting on some magnets to attach the guns to the top end of this guy but he is as good as done really. I hate the symmetry of this model a lot but I love the way it works in-game. I think the next one I get I will make an effort to convert the tentacles a bit more and maybe do an open version of it like the Sporocyst.

I had a game with the nid's against DC's Necrons last night and the new blue carapace looks mint on the table. It was an 1850pt game and I thoroughly got my face punched in, we called it on turn 5 with my forces reduced to the Crone, a Warrior squad, 2 Hive Guard and a lonely Hormagaunt while he still had probably 10 units on the table (All at reduced strength) and almost all the objectives secured.

I really like the Tyrannocyte for being able to speed up the nid's MC's and it's really nice to put a T-fex in the back field of your opponents force and the venom cannons are a really nice bonus.

Tyranid Tyrannocyte
Tyranid Tyrannocyte


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