Hive Fleet Behemoth Carnifex x2 Finished.

Dakkafex Smash bros!

I've had one painted for ages, it was actually the first Tyranid I painted and added to it today with another, both are rescue nids from bad homes and they took some work to get into good poses. Being rescue nids that were already painted, a little bit of details was lost in spots where I was painting over paint for the second time.

Unfortunately when I was applying the sealant to the latest one though after finishing it, it somehow managed to shrink the carapace paint as it dried and rip some tiny fissures showing the red base coat. It's not ideal but it doesn't really look terrible either, he has the more beat up carapace anyway so it could visually count towards more battle damage.

Hive Fleet Behemoth Carnifex/Dakkafex
Hive Fleet Behemoth Carnifex/Dakkafex

I'm pretty happy, it's nice that the pair is complete now. That puts me at a progress pic, my nids look really washed out on my desk and the only large dark cloth we had was a dark blue towel which makes the photo look a bit funny, but, checkit ~1360pts as would be played:

Hive Fleet Behemoth


NafNaf said…
Looking great, and all together your horde looks fantastic :)
Thanks for checking in NafNaf and passing on the kind words, I'm pretty happy, I think the move to the Pearl Carapace has really helped me like them a lo more.

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