Finished a my Flyrant, pics and banter.

Ermahgerd, I've managed to finally paint another nid model after getting some mojo back for the hobby via painting that Roboute Guilliman model for my mate Wozz.

I've mixed things up a bit and used Mr. Colour pearlescent blue on the carapace and I'm pretty happy with how it has come out. It's translucent save for the kinda metallic blue pigment and looks pretty flashy (I think) over the black base coat and blue line highlighting.

The rest of the model was done as per the rest of the army which I am now going to go and backdate with the new carapace design.

I think up next will be the Tyrannocyte drop pod for something different. I'm going to start trying to tick off 250pts a month again until I can get the force up to 1850 for a tourney.

Anyway enough yab, pics:

Flying Hive Tyrant Flying Hive Tyrant


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