Got some battles in today! Yeiw.

I play once a fortnight against the same two dudes usually and we have added a 4th to the group, a few of us could get together today for some games on our usual 'off' weekend. The Nids went very well actually, I was pretty worried about the match up against the Orks but the devourers honoured their name on every unit sporting them and put so many wounds on it was almost unfair.

Off camera are the Children of Cryptus and a Lictor on the right. A Tyrannocyte and a Tyrannofex are about to deepstrike and i the corner to the left the Crone has just melted some Deffkoptas, at this point I thought for sure I was cooked, luckily the bubble wrap of gants kept me safe until it was my turn again.

It was shit hot to play an almost fully painted army against another fully painted army, it added to the experience a whole heap. The game was called on turn 3, I'd just done too much damage with only the two Battlewagons and a Dakkajet remaining from the Ork force.


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