Shoutout - The 30k Channel on Youtube

Hey dudes, I just wanted to link to The 30k Channel on YouTube: and on Facebook:

It's really weird but if you do a search for them in google looking for their YouTube page it doesn't come up with anything so I thought I would do this in an attempt to improve their SEO a bit and give a shoutout to their operation.

I really like the three battle reports they have put out so far, the style of gaming and banter they have is akin to my group (though a little cleaner language), the production is fantastic, the armies the 6 guys featured bring all look great, the tables look amazing and the games are played pretty well.

I haven't found a series of 30k batreps that didn't make me cringe eventually and tap out but I feel these guys have nailed it. I also like the third guy as a cameraman and narrator a lot when it happens.

The biggest cringe I would have to say when it comes to other 30k battle reports is when one guy has the camera, calls the other guys moves for him and all of the values required on the rolls and shit.. It just crushes me, there's no interaction and unless that guy running the jam is 100% on it, the lack of banter and perspective just makes me die internally when they get something wrong or give bad advice to the other player.

Anyway these cats don't do that, very personable, lots of back and forth and the games all seem to be a genuinely good contest, no one is getting steam rolled on camera.


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