SoH - 1800pt Army Progress Shot.

~1800pts of Sons of Horus - Yew!

I did a bit of a consolidation of bits and kits and worked out I have about 6000pts for the Sons of Horus available including a Lucius Warhound. I'm getting through it pretty quickly now but also trying to build some components for a gaming table at the same time which is kinda holding me up a little bit.

I'm currently working on Abaddon with some extra arms to use him as a generic Praetor, 3 more Justaerin and a Spartan so I can run a little 1st Company Deathstar.

After that will come the 3 gun Quad Mortar team, a Legion Rhino with a pintle MM for the Vets and a pair of Javelins with CML's and pintle MM's.

After that again will be the pair of Vindicator Laser Destroyers and at that point I might treat myself and do up the Warhound and enter the titan club.

Some pics of the SoH-ifying of the Spartan:

Thanks as always for checking out my work, I appreciate the compliments and feedback you dudes have been giving me on the army and my hobby stuff.



Darien Vasco said…
Looking really good! The army is coming together nicely! :D
As I've said before DV, they're massively inspired by your boys!

Thanks dude,
Agis said…
That is a lot of work. Like the spartan. Are the spikes/pyramids bought or home made? And I am very curious of what you will do to the titan. What legion will it be?
Mordian7th said…
Lovely! The pyramid spikes totally sell the Cthonian vibe - really looking forward to seeing it painted up!
Agis: Home made homie, I cut down 2.5x2.5mm rod to a point, then slice it off. I'm not sure what to do with the Titan, I was wondering whether to do it up in SoH colours, a Warhound for the Warmaster or to do one of the traitor titan legions. What do you think?

Mordian: Thanks dude, I'm trying to theme everything up so it looks unified with the specialist troops.

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