Just moved house, new man-cave!


This week has been a big one, my girlfriend and I have moved out of our little apartment and into a bigger 3x2 Townhouse. I hate the actual shift itself but it's worked out brilliantly as we were sharing a study/hobby space before, and it was really cramped. We now have a room each!

I've taken a gamble and gotten one of the potentially exploding Ikea display cases! Fingers crossed. I'm planning to get around to laminating the underside with clear to catch any pieces if it does let go, but whether I do is another thing..

I'm glad I kept the picture of the Astral Claws dread that I got with one of the two Badab Imperial Armour books, I have the Space Marine chapters one from the conflict too but it's freaking massive and I couldn't find a frame big enough to fit it.

Had a bit of a win with a local games vendor and managed to pick up some GW stock for 50% off retail, super score! I got Silver Tower because I actually really want to play that with the girlfriend and the miniatures are gorgeous. I also got the Deathwatch Overkill set for the Stealer cult models. I'm going to leave some as they are but also convert a few to use as an Inquisimunda 2.0 warband in the coming months. Also picked up some Skitarii Ruststalkers for conversion parts at the same time and the novel 'Primarchs' which I haven't read yet. He had heaps of stuff and I was tempted to go all out but I had to hold back a bit for fear of the wrath.

Got a bit of stuff in the 'Closers Cabinet', looking forward to seeing this grow as the SoH increases and I add a bit more nid's stuff in the form of Stealer Cult allies.

Next up is a painted Zone Mortalis, I want to get this done ASAP so expect to see it in the next week or so.



Agis said…
Nice place, a lot of room. It will fill up. =)
Mordian7th said…
Awesome looking space, man!
Hey dudes,

Sorry for the delay, we haven't had the internet at home.. dark ages!

Thanks for checking in, really lucky to have this much space but year you're right, Agis, it's already chockers with stuff now I have started painting again.


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