2850pts Sons of Horus done and ready to rumble

We've got a 2500pt 30k event here in Perth, Wasteland Australia, tomorrow, a couple of these bodies are sitting it out to come back down to the points but I'm really pleased to see it all together on the table, done at last!

I had to paint up 3 more Justaerin (powerfists on the left), so the two with twin lightning claws could sit out (terrible load out), not a big grind after finishing Maloghurst the other day but it did take me a while to get through them. I also painted 10 of the FW meltabombs (the good small ones), magnetised them and attached them to the Veteran Tacticals so I'm full WYSIWYG and DTF.

Sons of Horus Justaerin

2841pts of Sons of Horus, picked up a bit of blue sky light on the rhs of the photo so the javelins look like a different colour.
I'm taking my camera tomorrow and hope to be able to get some cool battle shots against the other painted armies in our local scene but being immersed in the game and having a good time is a bit more important to me than posing shit up for pics so we'll see how it goes.

Otherwise, bit of a hobby break after this so the blog might go quiet for a month or something, maybe until Christmas, but we'll see. I've got 10 Tartarus from Prospero that I really want to paint up, a Warhound Titan begging to be built and painted but I was struggling just to paint 3 guys at the end there so I know I need some time off.

Oh and blood bowl! I think I'm getting it from the girlfriend for Christmas.

Ta loves,


Rory Priest said…
You magnetised melta bombs?! How tiny are they?

Force looking good.
Tiny dude, I'll put a photo up tomorrow. They are in this set:

Darien Vasco said…
Awesome looking force! :D

I love my double lightning claw Justaerin! They really mess up standard marines! Hit on 3s wound on 3s (on the charge) with re-rolls, means lots dead and no saves!
Mordian7th said…
Brilliant work all around, man - that's a fantastic looking force!

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