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30k Pseudo Battle Report - 2500pts - SoH v Sal

My local scene had a 30k tournament on the weekend, the Outpost 6030 Skulls - Galaxy in Flames. We were divided amongst loyalists and traitors for the event, the points level was set at 2500 using an age of darkness force org (or whatever wizardry the mechanics can get). 

My first opponent was Chris, he was rocking some Sallies and we had been having a bit of back and forth banter/trash talk before the event and the TO Jacob was good enough to line us up for a smash first round.

He had something like this maybe:
Praetor, Paragon Blade, Drake thing (eternal warrior), Storm Shield
Primus Medicae, TH/SS
5 Firedrakes, TH/SS
Spartan with AC
20 Tacticals, Sergeant with Artificer, Combi-plas and a Meltabomb
10 Tacticals, Sergeant with Combi-plas, Extra CCW, Rhino
Deredeo with the Autocannons and a Missile Rack
Pred with a Heavy Conversion Beamer
5 Pyroclasts, Sergeant with a Fist, Meltabombs
Rolling in a Proteus with AC

He had one of the legion specific RoW's but I can't recall which, it didn't alter his force org or anything though but did boost some of their attributes. I didn't get a full sequence of events as playing was more important than the documentation of the game, and we were on a clock too being that it was a tournament event.

Chris is a great dude and we had a really good game, he put some pressure on me early when I didn't have a lot on the board, but I was quite lucky with all of my outflanking units coming on turn 2. The Son's of Horus legion boons really help by re-rolling those 1's on the reserve rolls. From there, I was attacking him on 3 fronts, coming from both flanks and my home field so I had the momentum and kept the pressure high.

He killed my Leviathan in Turn 2 with his Tac squad which and a single Meltabomb which was amazing, I was shitting bricks as he is pretty much a 5th of my army and a bit of a lynchpin for the force. The combat between the Drakes and the Justaerin was FIERCE, they are some crazy tough dudes and Chris made a great little deathstar with the Primus and the Praetor but the 16th Legion ended up coming out on top in turn 3 after getting more attacks off the back of the charge. The Reavers went on a rampage in his backfield as did the Javelins while the Thuds were shattering anything that got within 36" of their position and keeping him boxed in to his 1/4. 

In the end he was down to a Tactical Sergeant on the field and maybe another guy or two but it's been a few guys and I can't remember the wrap up, I had all 4 primary objectives, all 4 table quarters and all the secondaries so it was a pretty staunch 33-0 victory for the SoH.

Salamanders Palmares:
Derdeo after the interceptor, constantly stunned, pretty much only put two hull points on the Drop Pod.
20 man Tac Squad, the sergeant combi-plased the drop pod as it landed, then assaulted and destroyed the Leviathan in turn 2 with a single Meltabomb, killed a Reaver.
Pred, glanced the SoH Spartan once.
Spartan, got the drakes up the field and killed 2 crew members from the Quad guns.
Proteus, glanced the SoH Spartan.
10 man Tac Squad, killed 3 Reavers.
Pyroclasts, killed a Javelin, killed 3 Reavers

SoH Palmares:
Quad Mortars, 4 glances on the Spartan, 1 glance on the Proteus, wrecked the Rhino, killed a Drake, wrecked the Vindicator.
Vets, killed 8 Tac marines.
Javelins, killed the Deredeo, killed the Pred, 2 hull points on a Vindicator destroying the main gun.
Spartan, 2 glances on the Proteus, 1 pen on the Spartan killing it.
Cortus, raged out and died doing nothing to the Drakes.
Reavers, wiped the big Tac Squad, killed 5 Pyroclasts, killed a Tac Marine from the small squad.
Justaerin, killed the Primus, Praetor and 3 Drakes, trashed the Proteus.
Leviathan, stunned the Derdeo and took a hull point, killed 5 Tac marines.

It was really nice to play a new army with mine, and a new opponent. Chis was a super chill dude and I really liked his balanced approach to building a 30k Astartes army, he had a little bit of everything and the two legion specific units, it was most like mine from the armies that I saw at the event.

Chris' Deployment
Chris' Deployment
My Deployment
The Spartan is wrecked and the Cortus insanely charges the Drakes, hoping to kill a few.
He was pounded to dust after this shot.
The Drakes moved up unphased.
After losing two Drakes to shooting, the Justaerin charge in killing 4 more from the unit and wounding the Praetor twice at S10 but his Eternal Warrior keeps him in the fight.
After being shucked from his pod by the Tac Sergeant, the brave lad leads his boys straight at the beast, detonating it with a Melta-bomb in the first round of combat.
After losing a Javelin to the Pyroclasts, this guy would go on to take the Vindicators main gun, wreck the Deredeo and wreck the Predator.
After a hard fight, the Justaerin move along my board edge to the right, getting out to assault and destroy the Proteus before consolidating back to the objective to claim it.
The Reavers smashed their way through the 15 tacticals and 5 Pyroclasts but were killed down to the Apothecary and 1 power fist marine by his Tac squad, still hanging in there to take the objective.
After dismounting and shooting the Tac's down to 6 men, then shooting at 24" and killing another 5, the vets moved back to claim the objective while the quad gun team holds the White on.


Rory Priest said…
Nice little write up, cheers dot putting that up there. I can understand not being able to take notes when the game is there to be played.

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