HFB Tyranids heading to eBay. Link to the auction and some final pics.

My variant Hive Fleet Behemoth army is heading to eBay!


Trying to make way for some more 30k, not playing 40k at all anymore as most of the dudes I game with have transitioned back to Heresy era dude-on-dude marinefests. Got it up for 70% of the Aussie RRP at the moment, hopefully it breaks even at least.

The disposability of this hobby and all of the millions of dollars of grey plastic that gets bought for full price and sold for dirt bums me out massively, all the codex creep and presale hype kills the value  insanely if you're not selling the latest and greatest power combo for some tournament retard to slam his meta with.

Wish me luck!



tacobat said…
Whatever the final price - they look badass :)
Thanks dude! Fingers crossed.

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