Sons of Horus - 2 Javelin Attack Speeders Completed.

These are unreal in the game but were such a pain in the ass to build and paint!

Pretty happy with how they came out and the level of matchy-matchy between them, I actually painted one first then the other as the batch painting cooked me.

Thanks to you dudes who've been throwing me some comments, I've gotta get back to y'all but our internet has been krapping out at home and my phone hates blogger for some reason so my comments disappear when I post them. Cheers for the love though.

Sons of Horus - Javelin Attack Speeders

Sons of Horus - Javelin Attack Speeders

Sons of Horus - Javelin Attack Speeders


NafNaf said…
They look great. Lovely :)
Rory Priest said…
Looking nice Red, pity they were a pain to put together though. Looks well in the end.
Thanks Rory,

Not as bad as I make out I suppose, there were just a lot of parts and quite a few elegant curves that took a little while with the heat gun to get sitting right. Still a few misfit areas but it's hard to see them on the painted model.

Great once done though and I really freaking love them in the game, such a good unit for the points.
Mordian7th said…
Lovely work, man! I really do dig that style of speeder, definitely going to need to add a couple to the Thousand Sons!

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