Acastus Knight Porphyrion Final WIP And Battle Pics.

So I didn't get it finished today, turns out the guns were actually quite a big job and I'm still not finished on them..! 

I've got some weathering to add on them and a little tidy up work on the model itself, but this is pretty much it done below now. 

I took it out for a game tonight against my mate Rhyan's World Eaters who were supported by a Warhound Titan at 3.5k and the Acastus went alright. It definitely didn't collapse the game as the internet feared, it will make an excellent elite infantry killer but against armour it's as good as the next thing really (especially a single target, a Vindi Laser Destroyer is almost as good. A Venator is arguably better). 

It's so cool though as a model and it's fkn massive! I can't wait to get some more battles in with it in the future. For a champagne over the bow style commissioning, 22 World Eater Inducted marines were vaporised and a Warhound was scrapped by it's main guns, but only by dealing 4 hull points damage and getting the death blow. As per usual the high damage output of the Sons list I had built did enough work to the Titan to get it close to death.

Just gotta weather the guns now, tidy up a few little things and make the hanging thing under his groin and it's done.
Baby's first car ride! Needs to buckle up.

The Warhounds torso kinda tips up at the front, they are the same height top to top but the way the camera is the Warhound looks only a touch taller.

Rhyan's Warhound, My Acastus and Paco's Atrapos and Castigator.

Got the Warhound to back up by dropping a Leviathan next to it with the Cyclone Melta and Drill, then pumped shots into it with the Javelins and Acastus as they came on from Reserve in turn 2.

He's a big unit! From ground level the base looks like overkill but when you see it from the top down, the 9" grinder cutting disc was the perfect size.


Rory Priest said…
I did not know it was that big actually. I mean you said the nine inch disk and all but still until I saw it beside the warhound. Looking very good though. Bravo.
Thanks Rory mate!

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