Blood Bowl 2015 Human Team Completed


Finished my boys from the core set today, it's taken me a little while, I'm not used to painting human sized models, normally post-humans, tanks, monsterous creatures and even superheavies these days so I had to go back and forth a lot trying to get them right.


Mordian7th said…
Those are absolutely fantastic! Love the color scheme, and the work tying the bases into the board is awesome - great stuff, man!
Joe B said…
I love the metallic red armor, it looks really good on them. The themed base looks awesome too
joe m. said…
These look awesome! Love the bases -- any tips for painting over static grass? Yours look excellent and fit perfectly with the board, well done!
Thanks guys, appreciate it the feedback!

Joe, no tips really mate other than expect a little overspray and colour bleeding, but it's field line marking so it's not exactly precise anyway.

I did paint the colour on a lot thicker too, so I guess do a bit and see how it looks first, then add more paint if you need it (I'm talking the checks). I used some airbrush cleaner on a q-tip to rub back the paint and expose the grass again then over brushed a bit more back on after it got too thin so it was to the thickness I wanted initially.


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