Acastus Knight Porphyrion - House Makabius WIP Pics


I got this guy on release day but with the Christmas postage blockage it ended up getting stuck in a warehouse for 7 days, so I'm a little late to the party, but here he is so far!

There's a pretty large step in this and while it wasn't the only piece to have miscast, its in such a visible area I have asked for another to replace it.
The pose-ability on the legs is incredible but the toe pistons actually have the ability to travel farther than the armour will allow them to before it fouls something, so take your time and check several times before glueing anything if you are going for a dynamic pose.

I'm going with House Makabius so I got some Desert Tan and Buff for the 'White' sections and Metallic Blue for those areas.  The metallics will be a very dark iron and I will border the painted areas with a dark copper. I'm using a 230mm/9" grinding disc as a base, it's perfect for his size when you look at the model top down. This model is seriously metal so I love the disc as a base, haha.

Mid stride. I'm stoked on the base area, I'm going to keep it simple but help to tie it in with the force and my table. I've pinned the torso so he can rotate side to side.

Aye, he's a big lad.

I used some of the offcuts on the inside of the torso to magnetise the arms.

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Where I'm at, I ran out of primer and it was either enough to do the armour or a portion of the chassis so I did all the armour. I've started studding some of the Panels.

So a few early snaps there to give you an idea of what I'm thinking pose wise. The legs are fantastic but don't go through their full range of movement without the armour panels fouling on other bits of the legs or other panels. Making sure everything cleared while adjusting the pose was lengthy, it took me an hour and a half just to get the legs how I wanted them but I'm really happy and I feel like it has a natural striding look.  

I'm going for the blue and cream Makabius scheme but I also want it to represent a war machine that has been in service to the Warmaster for a while so I am studding some of the panels and adding some spikes and chains, it will also help to tie him in with my SoH models too.

Cheers guys, Happy New Year!



Agis said…
Nice, looking forward to see it painted. I really like the model, the other forgeworld knights look a bit to skinny, but this one looks massive.
Col. Hertford said…
Oh dam, I always lose races building/painting models....

Yours looks stunning, glad you got the legs and armour sorted.
Mordian7th said…
Sweeeeeet - I love that pose, man! Wasn't clear on just how dynamic it's possible to build the model, I really dig the sense of motion you got out of it! Really looking forward to seeing it painted up, good stuff!
Joe B said…
That guy is a beast! Great job on the pose and adding the magnets. Those spikes looks great as well.
NafNaf said…
That is pretty darn incredible dude. The paint job is top notch! Love the posing too
Thanks guys, cheers for checking in and sorry for my delay on reply!
Dave Henderson said…
How did you go about creating the studs? They are such a great idea to add to a Knights armour

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