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Back to regular programming - 30k/Heresy-era Death Guard Project


So last night I kicked off my return to having an army again by painting my new project, Death Guard! I went for a black-brown-buff-buff:white layering to all of this stuff shown, it's got some good depth but needs a bit more shading to really pop. The green is actually the same first two layers as my SoH were but it also incorporates a little black. The infantry will have green centred shoulder pads with metallic trim and have bone coloured helmets.

I've built one unit as 15 Tactical Marines with the option of a fist or a chainsword on the Sergeant. There is a 10 man unit of Vets with 4 combiplas and a thunder hammer who can also double as standard Tacs via magnets. I have 2 units of 7 Heavy Support squads with Lascannons, I actually have 15 models painted so I can go 10 and 5 if I want to as well.

The Leviathan is sporting only the Storm Cannon in the pics but I've bought a drill for him and that should be on the way soon. Also in the post, a Malcador with the Battle Cannon which I felt was the most DG looking tank available.

Ideas for this force are a standalone up to 2.5k with Rask as a HQ leading them and using the Reaping RoW. Both units would be Tacs, add the Malcador and the HQ to the force to take what you see here to 2k, then add my Acastus Knight to take it to 2.5k as the LoW slot.

For bigger games to 3k and beyond I will be taking the DG as allies, still using Rask and the Reaping RoW but turning the 10 man unit into vets as an elites choice, the two troops would be one big tac unit of 15 and one 10 man lascannon squad, then the Malcador. They would be allied to a primary detachment of House Makabius featuring an Atrapos wielding Senschal and a Scion Martial duo in a Castigator and the Acastus.

The colours look a little funny, didn't mess around with the white balance or the lights (there's a yellow desk lamp coming from the right effecting the colour) and just took a quick photo series with my good camera. It's hard to tell too but there is a bit of modulation to the bodies, like I said it needs some shading and contrasting colours then it will look good.

Still in doubt as to whether I keep this blog going, if there's a point to it. I deleted my hobby related Facebook the other day, just sick of the scene there, the groups and shit are really toxic.


Mordian7th said…
Those are looking fantastic, man! Looking forward to seeing 'em come together.

I hear ya on the FB/Forum scene - I basically only do the blog thing these days.
Col. Hertford said…
A great start, I'm always a sucker for the death guard!
tacobat said…
Come roll dice with me brah
jamie farrar said…
Be a shame if you sacked the blog mate, Love your stuff and these death guard look great so far.
PoliSci Suicide said…
I've followed your work since the original rust-dust Red Scorpions forever ago. I'd like to throw a vote for you keeping your blog going, I really like seeing your projects.

If you aren't enjoying the hobby, I'd understand, but sharing the work you're enjoying making would be greatly appreciated by those in my camp.

Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm sure you have lots of similar silent fans.

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